Welcome To The Cabinet Sleuth!

You’ll be happy to know, that when it comes to quality cabinets, you have lot’s and lot’s of options.

Lovely raised recessed real wood doors.From basement laundry rooms, to top floor bathroom vanities, and everything in between. The perfect one for you is out there.

How To Identify Junk

I want to keep this simple for you, so if you only remember one thing after visiting this site, it should be this.

The main thing to look for when you’re comparing different brands is what type of wood the boxes are constructed from.

particle board = garbage
MDF = ok
plywood = best

And then your doors and finished end panels should be constructed from solid wood. This way you get the extreme strength of plywood combined with the beauty of solid wood.

Start here with RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets. I’ll show you how to identify quality ones and explain why they’re the best bang for your remodeling buck.

I’m sure you’re familiar with unfinished furniture. You can buy your cabinetry the same way. They’re also an excellent way to shave some dollars off of your budget.

And here are some great places to shop both locally and on-line.

Enjoy the site,

Christian Cooper